Keese School Education Awards

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To be considered for an award, you must complete and return a copy of the application on or before April 5.
Your nomination will be based upon the following qualifications:
* Currently employed at any Residential Living AMV Dining Venue
* Employed as of November 1, 2022.
* Applied for acceptance in an accredited vocational school or college.
* Demonstrated a good sense of responsibility.
* Provided good service and rapport with the resident.
* Be nominated by your Dining Manager.

In addition to the completion of the application, you will be interviewed by the Education Award Committee.
At the interview, a photograph is taken for the Awards Ceremony program and poster display.
You will be asked to sign a consent form for the use of the photograph and other information.
If you are awarded, at the time of the award, you must be employed by AMV in any position
and have been accepted or registered at an accredited vocational school or college
for any of the upcoming three semesters. The award check will be sent to your school or college.